This classic dish is a staple at all my family gatherings

Cooktop Cove: This classic dish is a staple at all my family gatherings
By Jessica Jacobs
I absolutely love Southern cuisine. The rich, bold flavors and traditional recipes passed down from generations make every dish unique and soulful. One of my all-time favorites is Southern potato salad. This classic dish is a staple at every family gathering in the South. The creamy mayonnaise-based dressing mixed with tender potatoes and crunchy vegetables makes for the perfect side dish to accompany any main course. In this recipe, I’ll be sharing my family’s famous Southern potato salad that will have you wanting more with each bite.
One summer, my family hosted a barbecue and I was tasked with bringing a side dish. I decided to make my grandmother’s Southern potato salad using her recipe passed down to me. I had never made it before but knew it was a crowd-pleaser. When I arrived, the grill was hot and the smell of smoked brisket filled the air. As I took my potato salad out of the cooler, I was nervous and hoped it would be a hit. Once it was on the table, people’s eyes lit up as they saw the signature potato salad they grew up with. It was almost gone within minutes, and everyone asked for the recipe. From that day on, I knew that this Southern potato salad was a must-have dish that should be shared with everyone.
Southern Potato Salad
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