Stuffing Balls

Stuffing Balls

Dry Stuffing Mix (4 cups): The base of our balls, providing texture and flavor.
Chicken Broth (1 cup): Adds moisture and a rich, savory taste.
Unsalted Butter (½ cup), melted: For richness and binding.
Eggs (2), beaten: The glue that holds everything together.
Onion (1 small), finely chopped: Adds a sweet, aromatic touch.
Celery (½ cup), finely chopped: A classic stuffing ingredient for crunch and flavor.
Poultry Seasoning (1 tsp): A blend of herbs for that quintessential stuffing taste.
Salt and Pepper: To season to your liking.
Fresh Parsley, chopped: For a fresh, colorful garnish.

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