We often insist on filling our detergent cabinet with various flashes and sprays, each suitable for each surface, ignoring that all we have to do is reuse half of a lemon .
In fact, this citrus has cleaning, degreasing, polishing and anti-limescale properties that can be a blessing for most surfaces in the home.
Therefore, today we will see together  how to use half a lemon to whiten bathroom ceramics  and make it like new again!
Before seeing  how to whiten bathroom ceramics  with a lemon, it is a good idea to prepare this  natural sponge.  All you need to do, then, is take  a lemon and cut it in half , after which you can now use this half to degrease and clean the various surfaces in your home with a  gentler approach. .
For a more effective and slightly more abrasive effect, however, we suggest dipping half of the lemon in a small saucer containing a little salt until creating a thin white layer . Then, let the salt soften in contact with the lemon and  voila: your sponge is ready to use !
The idea is  to use this salt sponge  as you normally would with  abrasive sponges  that have a rougher side.
NB  We recommend that you use fine salt and avoid coarse salt as it can be very abrasive and could scratch surfaces. Additionally, it is advisable to always shake the sponge before using it to remove excess salt.
Methods of use
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