homemade mustard

I present to you a delicious homemade mustard recipe, easy to make and ideal to accompany your meat dishes or to prepare a sauce. Mustard is an essential condiment in the kitchen, but did you know that you can make it yourself at home? With this homemade mustard recipe, you can prepare a delicious condiment using simple ingredients and following a few simple steps.

following ingredients to fill a jar:

  • 150 g mustard seeds (yellow and brown)
  • 10 cl of water
  • 10 g of salt
  • 10 cl of white vinegar

Preparation :

  1. Start by pouring the mustard seeds into the glass jar.
  2. Then add the vinegar, salt and water, and mix everything well.
  3. Let the mixture soak for about 24 hours in the refrigerator.
  4. After this rest time, filter the seeds, keeping the liquid used for fermentation.
  5. Grind the seeds with a mortar and pestle, adding one tablespoon of the previously preserved liquid.
  6. Continue grinding until you obtain the desired consistency.

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