Never throw away apple peels: Soak them in a glass with vinegar

Never throw away apple peels: Soak them in a glass with vinegar
If you're used to eating apples and discarding the peels, you're missing out. You should never throw away the peels of this fruit because they have incredible properties and can be recycled in a brilliant way - let's find out how.
Apple peels in vinegar – The apple is a truly valuable fruit. It has many benefits and practically no "contraindications". It contains no fat, no protein, and no sugar, and it even has very few calories. Almost all diets recommend it because it's good for health.

But what if we tell you it's wrong to throw away apple peels? Even though they are food waste, you should not throw them in the trash but soak them in a jar. The reason will surprise you: Read more about it here.
NEVER throw away apple peels The apple is one of the most popular fruits and is eaten all over the world. It is often eaten peeled, but not everyone knows that all the properties and nutrients of this fruit are in the peel. It is even recommended to eat it without peeling.
If you don't eat the fruit, at least don't throw the peels in the trash, but reuse them. Before eating an apple, you should naturally wash it with water and baking soda. A recent study has shown that baking soda removes most pesticide residues from the fruit. Also, it's always important to check the source.
But how can you reuse apple peels? There's a really incredible remedy you can't miss out on: Read more.

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